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Our Specialties

We’re building upon strong legacies of medical innovation to develop and deliver breakthrough therapeutic solutions for the benefit of patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare systems.  

We work each day to live our core mission: providing solutions that extend and enhance life for patients who experience our treatment solutions.

Learn more about our specialties in Cardiac Surgery, Neuromodulation and Cardiac Rhythm Management

Cardiac Surgery

As a global leader in cardiac surgery, our advanced solutions have made significant contributions to open-heart surgery outcomes for many patients.

Our devices and systems are used in more than 50% of open-heart surgery procedures worldwide.
The work doesn’t stop there. Our global R&D centers are powered by scientists driven to find smarter and more affordable solutions to treat heart conditions.

Through our commitment to continuous training and education, we’re responsive to the needs of patients, physicians, hospitals, and healthcare stakeholders.   

Learn more about our Cardiac Surgery business click here.

For updates on the 3T Heater-Cooler device click here.



We strive to advance patient care through insightful application of innovative technologies.

As pioneers of the VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) Therapy® system, we continue to advance medical device solutions for people affected by treatment-resistant epilepsy, depression, heart failure and other chronic disorders.  

We collaborate with top researchers, partners, and experienced clinicians to enhance solutions, improve patient outcomes, and achieve physician satisfaction by providing safe and effective treatment options that positively impact quality of life.  

Learn more about our Neuromodulation business here.

Healthcare Providers may access VNS Therapy manuals here.

Cardiac Rhythm Management

Reflecting our spirit of imagination and invention, we have a long history of designing cardiac rhythm management systems that enhance and extend lives.  

Partnering with cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and heart failure specialists, we deliver therapeutic solutions that advance treatment for patients and their families, while providing meaningful impact on the healthcare system.  

Learn more about our Cardiac Rhythm Management business here.

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