TandemHeart® System with Escort Controller

Escort Controller with Active Screen on an IV Pole

TandemHeart Escort

The TandemHeart Escort Controller powers the TandemHeart Pump.

The 21-pound Escort Controller can be mounted at bedside, on an IV pole or on a tabletop. It is intended primarily for AC power use but has enough battery back-up power for an hour of operation. It can be used with all four legacy procedure kits.

The TandemHeart pump is a fully integrated non-pulsatile centrifugal pump. It is compatible with the full line of ProtekSolo and ProtekDuo cannulae.

LifeSparc Device & Pump with Hand Holding the Controller
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LifeSPARC® System and Kits

Upgrade to our next generation system for temporary cardiopulmonary bypass procedures. The controller is more compact and portable and the pump more powerful than the Escort Controller & TandemHeart Pump.

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