The intuitive all-in-one centrifugal pump system

The intuitive all-in-one centrifugal pump system

The CP5 Is Designed to Improve Outcomes for Traditional Bypass, Mini-Bypass and Kinetic Assist Venous Drainage.

When integrated with the leading S5 HLM, it becomes the ultimate perfusion tool engineered to meet the varying needs and demands of all cardiopulmonary applications.

Maximum perfusion programming flexibility and customization

CP5 combines maximum perfusion programming flexibility and customization with unprecedented safety, monitoring and control features:

  • Improved safety with links to level, bubble and pressure alarms that either completely occlude the arterial line or activate "ramp down" features to protect the patient while the alarm situation is resolved.
  • The sophisticated flow control mode is like an extra set of hands during the case. As pressure fluctuations occur with the patient and the circuit, it automatically maintains set flow for the perfusionist.
  • Inlet pressure measurement or calculation, affording the perfusionist additional monitoring and control for minimized circuits and varying perfusion applicants.

IM-00713 A​​

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