Plasma-tight hollow fiber oxygenator for long duration procedures

Plasma-tight hollow fiber oxygenator for long duration procedures

EOS ECMO is equipped with a plasma tight Polymethylpentene (PMP) hollow fiber, which provides stable performance in long duration procedures, either long duration surgeries or extended cardiac-respiratory support.

The design has been focused on a low priming volume, reduced membrane surface area and the entire blood contacting surface is coated with the biocompatible Phosphorylcholine PHISIO coating.

The five day validation of EOS ECMO makes it an ideal choice for patients requiring long-term support with blood flow up to 5 liters/min.


  • Covers to adult long term procedure with 5 days validation and blood flows of up to 5 liters/min.
  • The EOS Ecmo is the adult PMP oxygenator with the smallest membrane surface area and lowest priming volume.

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