S5 Heart-Lung Machine

S5 Heart-Lung Machine
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S5 Heart-Lung Machine

The world's leading perfusion system

With more than 7,000 devices delivered and 5.5 million patients treated, perfusionists worldwide are benefiting from the reliability of the S5 heart-lung machine.

S5 Heart-lung machine

The heart-lung machine with more than 40 years of perfusion know-how and world leadership

  • Proven safety and reliability
  • State of the art hardware and software technology
  • Fully flexible and configurable modular concept
  • Functional and easy to use

IM-00705 B


Proven safety and reliability

S5 benefits from more than 40 years of perfusion know-how and world leadership.

  • Each module can work independently from one another: no central control, no central failure or breakdown of the whole HLM
  • Reliable, low maintenance pumps have no belts and gearbox
  • Panel displays can be exchanged during HLM function without compromising the procedure
  • Easy and immediate detection of critical situations: all critical situations are detected and displayed in the central display module and identified thanks to color coded alarm management depending on the relevant priority

State of the art hardware and software technology

S5 benefits from high quality design and state of the art hardware and software technology. 

  • The S5 System is operated by a PC-independent software using state-of-the-art microcontrollers in conjunction with a serial CAN bus.
  • S5 can be updated at any time with additional control modules and pumps
  • The system incorporates monitoring, controls and intelligent operable software programs

Fully flexible and configurable modular concept

S5 is suitable to all perfusion practices: it can be configured according to the clinical need by adapting pump numbers and modules.

  • Different console for 3, 4 or 5 roller pumps
  • Additional mast mounted roller pumps and centrifugal pump are available
  • The modular system panel design can be mounted to the left, right or center of the S5, to accommodate all clinical settings


The S5 affords easy interaction and visibility of the system during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures.

  • Designed with panel touch screens that allow configuration of the system
  • Fast and easy panel navigation enabled by touch screen display
  • User interface with 30 languages to support users in multiple countries

Infographic on the Features of S5 Pro

S5 PRO is the LivaNova Perfusion Solution concept that combines LivaNova Products and Services to support your perfusion practice.

Please find below the S5 PROgrams and choose your preferred S5 PRO configuration!

Infographic on the Features of S5 Pro

Please ask your sales representative to get your S5 PRO configuration!

Safety Information

Safety Information

Manufactured by:
LivaNova Deutschland GmbH
Lindberghstra├če 25, D-80939 M├╝nchen Germany
T: +49(0)89.32301.0, F: +49(0)89.32301.555

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