Coronavirus Business Continuity

Coronavirus Business Continuity

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As a healthcare company committed to improving the lives of patients around the world, LivaNova is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and is reacting accordingly as the issues evolve.

U.S. Temporary Modification to Product Indications for Use

To address coronavirus (COVID-19) and per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, LivaNova is now permitted to modify cardiopulmonary products indications for use to include ECMO therapy beyond six hours. This applies to the following products:

FAQs – Use of LivaNova ECMO/CPB Devices for COVID-19 Patients
View the full press release here.

VNS Therapy® for Epilepsy

We understand the additional challenges that COVID-19 has created for people with epilepsy and especially those with uncontrolled seizures. We encourage you to stay in contact with your healthcare team in order to make the best possible decisions both to optimize epilepsy care for you or your loved one and also to minimize the risks of COVID-19.

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LivaNova Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Statement

We extend our thanks and gratitude to the frontline responders around the globe for their commitment to fighting coronavirus (COVID-19) and their dedication to the many patients who are in need of treatment.

Due to the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic, LivaNova has taken the following actions, all while keeping customers, patients and our employees top of mind:

•    Optimized Manufacturing: LivaNova has optimized its manufacturing for various production lines at its manufacturing locations. Despite some reduction in manufacturing, our facilities continue to fulfill product needs and we are working with suppliers to ensure we have steady flow of materials and products as we are committed to ensuring product availability, customer support and medical education.

•    Emphasis on Employee Safety: The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost importance. We are protecting production-critical employees at manufacturing sites through measures like additional cleaning measures, social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment. We have also implemented remote working options for many employees to help minimize exposure and reduce the spread of the virus. We thank our employees for their tireless efforts to ensure our business operations continue and for their commitment to providing life-changing products and therapies to patients around the world. 

•    Importance of Giving Back: To support healthcare providers, LivaNova employees from around the globe have banded together to give back. To date, we have donated 23,000 masks and five cardiopulmonary machines to hospitals in need in China. In Mirandola, Italy, our employees donated to local charities to provide masks for a local hospital and our site made a donation to support a volunteer ambulance service. Additionally, in Houston, Texas, we were able to give 2,300 masks to nurses at a local hospital who were running low on supplies. We are so proud of our LivaNova employees who embody our values to put patients first, act with agility and unite to show their collaborative strength.

Circumstances are dynamic and our plans adjust based on the latest information. We will provide updates as the situation develops. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local LivaNova representative.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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