Cardioplegia Cannulae, Flexible Vessels, VC-12010

Livanova Vessel Cannulae are intended for antegrade selective vein graft. They are made of a soft PVC tube, with a soft and flexible distal tip, designed to perfuse vessels from 3.0 to 3.6 mm in diameter. They are available in blunt tip configuration, with or without an integral one-way-check silicone valve.

Order Code VC-12010
Cannulae Type Cardioplegia Cannulae
Effective Length (cm) 5.7
No Latex yes
No DOP yes
Patient Type Adult
Qty Per Box 20

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VC-11110 - Cardioplegia Cannulae, Vessels
Order Code VC-11110
Available Coated no
Effective Length (cm) 6
Qty Per Box 30
Latex-Free yes
No DOP yes