Cardioplegia Cannulae, Vessels, VC-11010

The Vessel Cannula is indicated for use in delivery of cardioplegia solution during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, or to help check for leaks in a harvested vein which will be used for a graft. The Vessel Cannula is a flexible, tapered, polyvinyl chloride tube with a soft distal tip. The distal tip has two sizes of anchor hubs (3mm distal - 3.6mm proximal) designed to accommodate vessels of various diameters. The proximal female luer connection is designed to securely connect with a standard cardioplegia delivery line.

Order Code VC-11010
Available Coated no
Cannulae Type Cardioplegia Cannulae
Effective Length (cm) 6
No Latex yes
Patient Type Adult
Qty Per Box 30

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VC-12000 - Cardioplegia Cannulae, Flexible Vessels
Order Code VC-12000
Effective Length (cm) 5,1
Qty Per Box 20
Latex-Free yes
No DOP yes