We have you covered.

Whether you are looking for cannulae for pediatric or adult patients, our broad range of design configurations can accommodate unique technique preferences and meet your insertion and drainage needs.

Adult Cannulae

Our wide range of Adult Cannulae are designed to meet diverse procedural needs through tailored and studied surgery techniques in conventional surgery.

Pediatric Cannulae

Cannulae designed to treat our smallest patients. Our portfolio of aortic, venous and cardioplegia cannulae, as well as vents, suctions wands and sumps, are designed to accomodate small vessels.

Specialty Cannulae

Enhance your cannulation strategies with a diverse range of specialty options, like the ProtekDuo™ RA-PA cannula and the TandemHeart™ transseptal cannula, available only from LivaNova Cardiopulmonary.

Important Safety Information

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