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When other treatments haven’t worked or have stopped working, it may be time to consider a unique approach.

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What is SYMMETRY®: Adding SYMMETRY to Traditional Anti-Depressant Treatments is Unlike Anything You Have Tried Before

Innovative Treatment


FDA Approved

SYMMETRY is FDA-approved for the adjunctive treatment of chronic or recurrent depression for patients 18 years of age or older who are experiencing a major depressive episode and have tried at least 4 types of antidepressant medications or other non-drug treatments without success. See full indication here.

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Small device

SYMMETRY is a small device that is placed under the skin in a short outpatient procedure; most people go home the same day.

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Years of results

SYMMETRY stays with you 24/7 and delivers years of therapy*.

* Individual results may vary.

What to Expect with SYMMETRY®

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The procedure is typically done under general anesthesia in about 1-2 hours. Most people go home the same day.

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SYMMETRY is activated by your healthcare professional approximately 2 weeks after the procedure.

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Your healthcare professional will monitor your progress and may adjust SYMMETRY over time.

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Other treatments

You can continue to use other antidepressant therapies after SYMMETRY is activated: medication, talk therapy, and ECT.

** For TMS, refer to the manufacturer's prescribing information.

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Safe and Well-Tolerated

SYMMETRY is not a drug.

It doesn’t cause the same side effects as antidepressant medications, such as fatigue, sedation, weight gain, and dry mouth.

It also doesn't cause the same side effects as other medication-free treatments (eg, ECT, TMS), such as memory loss, drowsiness, and poor concentration.

Most common side effects with SYMMETRY:

  • Hoarseness or changes in voice
  • Prickling or tingling in the skin
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Increased coughing

The most commonly reported side effect from the implant procedure is infection.

SYMMETRY is well tolerated and side effects were less noticeable over time. Your doctor can lessen your side effects by adjusting the device settings.

You can find more safety information here.


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