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Journey Towards the New Era of Perfusion

With technology advancements and an increased focus on patient outcomes, perfusion and the role of the perfusionist are changing to become even more valued across the hospital environment.


Data at the Forefront

In the New Era of Perfusion, data takes a central role in enabling patient-tailored care. As a result, the spotlight can be placed on the true impact and value that perfusionists bring to clinical practice.

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Advanced Data

and integration are key elements for value creation

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Data Insights

enable perfusion to focus even more on patient outcomes

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Life-enabling Role

of the perfusionist expands beyond the procedure itself

Enabling the New Era of Perfusion

Essenz is designed to meet the modern needs of the New Era of Perfusion.

  • The innovative Essenz cockpit provides one central view to control the device and check all perfusion and patient parameters in the right place at the right time, minimizing distractions.
  • The Essenz Patient Monitor includes the essential perfusion monitoring functionalities needed to manage data during a CPB procedure, as well as advanced functionalities to support the decision making.
  • The closed software platform protects perfusion data, safeguarding integrity and quality.
A collaborative design process

A Shared Journey Towards the New Era

Customers inspire everything we do. We are grateful for the hundreds of professionals partnering with us on this journey. Their guidance has influenced every step in the development of the Essenz Perfusion System and will continue to do so.

The videos below give a peek into the collaborative development process and our commitments to enhancing safety and reliability and meeting the needs of perfusionists.

Perfusionists' Comments on Essenz

A View from the System Engineering Leader

Working with Perfusionists to Gather Feedback

The New Era of R&D

Bringing the Essenz Project Together

Sourcing and Testing Every Component


Perfusion System
Enter the New Era of Perfusion

Built on LivaNova’s 50-year legacy of safety and reliability, Essenz supports the Perfusionist in doing what is best for each patient, and allows the entire heart team to continuously improve their clinical practice.

Please Note: Essenz information available only in selected geographies. This product is not available for sale. It is currently in development and is intended to be approved by relevant authorities.
Safety Information

Summary of Safety & Performance Information for Essenz™ Perfusion System

Heart-Lung Machine with Integrated Essenz In-Line Blood Monitor (ILBM)

The Essenz Heart-Lung Machine is  intended  to  perform,  control,  monitor  and  support  extracorporeal blood  circulation replacing  the  mechanical pumping  function  of  the  heart,  monitoring  and  regulating physiologic parameters  during  procedures  requiring extracorporeal circulation. 

Essenz Patient Monitor
The Essenz Patient Monitor software is a modularly structured software program package that is exclusively used with LivaNova heart-lung machines. The system allows detailed recording of perfusion data during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures as well as the processing and evaluation of this data. The data may be recorded automatically or entered manually. The LivaNova Perfusion System Monitor is a panel PC intended to be exclusively used with LivaNova heart lung machines as a base and user interface for the Essenz Patient Monitor software. 

CONTRAINDICATIONS: No contraindications are  known  if  the  devices are  used  for  the  purpose described  and  in  accordance  with  the  stated  operating conditions. Do not use the devices for any purpose other than indicated. 
WARNINGS: The devices must be used in accordance with the instructions for use provided.  For a complete listing of warnings please refer to the Instructions for Use. Medical intervention and therapeutic procedure must not be based solely on the Essenz Patient Monitor perfusion records (reports). 

PRECAUTIONS: Federal law (U.S.A.) restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician. For a complete listing of precautions/cautions please refer to the Instructions for Use. The devices should be used by qualified and skilled personnel, able to follow the indications and instructions for use contained in  the information  provided  by  the  manufacturer.

Essenz In-Line Blood Monitor and B-Capta Blood Gas Monitor are clinically equivalent in terms of safety and performance as they have the same technology and intended use.  Not approved in all geographies, consult your labeling. Please visit the LivaNova website  to  receive  instructions  for  use  containing  full  prescribing information including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse events.

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