High quality PVC tubing for our perfusion tubing systems (PTS)

High quality PVC tubing for our perfusion tubing systems (PTS)

  • High transparency for safe and easy debubbling and excellent flow visibility
  • High mechanical resistance, improved elasticity and anti-kinking properties
  • Easy connection

Favorable safety features and sizes

  • 3 types durometer hardness: XS, XH and XXH of respectively 63, 66 and 69 Shore A
  • A wide range of diameter and wall thickness sizes
  • Colored stripes in most sizes and with both regular and P.h.i.s.i.o coating to avoid 
dangerous line mismatching during CPB

Improved hemocompatibility

P.h.i.s.i.o coated PVC tubing in combination with PC
 coated main CPB devices considerably increases the hemocompatibility of CPB systems.

Our P.h.i.s.i.o coating based on a Phosphorylcholine molecule

  • Is stable, highly hemocompatible and safe
  • Improves platelet preservation
  • Reduces activation of coagulation factors
  • Reduces inflammatory reactions
  • Limits post operative blood loss
  • Cannot be removed either by priming solution or by blood during CPB, ensuring a high degree of effectiveness 
and durability.

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