As part of our continuous commitment to drive leading digital medical education, we are glad to offer webinar recordings and learning modules in addition to product guides and videos.

Webinar Library

Education on Demand

Our webinars cover topics on the latest trends in ECMO and circulatory support, presented by expert physicians. 

Product Guides

LifeSPARC Alarm Guide

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LifeSPARC Cannulation Guide

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LifeSPARC Procedure Guide

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User Supplied Equipment

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LifeSPARC System

LifeSPARC Controller Overview

LifeSPARC Pump Dynamics

LifeSPARC System Components and Setup

LifeSPARC System Operation

LifeSPARC Controller In-Service

LifeSPARC Controller Exchange

ProtekDuo® Procedure Kit

ProtekDuo Cannulation Animation

Initiating ProtekDuo Support with LifeSPARC

ProtekDuo Insertion

LifeSPARC System Pump Only Priming

TandemHeart® Procedure Kit

Initiating TandemHeart Support with LifeSPARC

LifeSPARC System Pump Only Priming

TandemLung® Procedure Kit

ECLS in a Box

LifeSPARC System Priming

TandemLung VV Cannulation Animation

TandemLife® Procedure Kit

ECLS in a Box

LifeSPARC System Priming

TandemLife VA Cannulation Animation