Designed for ease of use, LifeSPARC offers versatile, simple, yet powerful advanced circulatory support to help more patients in a variety of hospital settings.

LIfeSparc Controller on an IV Pole
Life Support Simplified

Why LifeSPARC?

Millions of patients are affected by cardiac and respiratory disease each year. LifeSPARC is designed to ensure that more of those patients can be supported with a system that is easy enough for new practitioners and powerful enough for expert-level hospital centers.

LifeSPARC’s compact console and powerful pump form the backbone of a system that temporarily supports patients in a variety of hospital settings. The system’s four ready-to-deploy procedure kits support diverse cannulation strategies for Mechanical Circulatory Support and Extracorporeal Life Support.

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The LifeSPARC controller’s streamlined user interface and the simple-to-prime pump help you manage patients with confidence in varying environments.

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With 40% more power than the previous generation and a pump capable of 8 LPM of blood flow surgically and 5 LPM percutaneously, LifeSPARC is designed for a variety of cardiac and respiratory rescue conditions.

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With a two-hour battery backup and a small, integrated pump and motor, the LifeSPARC system can be primed in minutes and easily transported in the hospital during use.

What's Included

LifeSPARC System Components

LifeSPARC Procedure Kits

The four ready-to-deploy kits are designed to take the complexity out of emergent rescue. They are self-contained, turn-key tools for fast multidisciplinary support.

In the U.S., the LifeSPARC® system is intended to pump blood through an extracorporeal circuit for periods lasting less than six hours for the purpose of providing either: (i) full or partial cardiopulmonary bypass (i.e., circuit includes an oxygenator) during open surgical procedures on the heart or great vessels; or (ii) temporary circulatory bypass for diversion of flow around a planned disruption of the circulatory pathway necessary for open surgical procedures on the aorta or vena cava.

See LifeSPARC in Action

Check out our learning courses, videos and guides or request a demo to see how LifeSPARC is simple enough for new users and powerful enough for experienced centers.

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