TandemLung™ Procedure Kit



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Reinvented Respiratory Support

Advanced but Simple VV ECLS

Rest and Recover Icon

Rest and Recover

The oxygenator is designed to provide oxygen delivery comparable to natural levels, allowing the lungs to rest and recover.

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Minimize Recirculation

The ProtekDuo® cannula was designed to reduce the risk of recirculation because of the distances and anatomical structures between the ports. 

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Ease of Use

The simple initiation of support is designed to eliminate a roadblock that has prevented emergent veno-venous cardiopulmonary bypass from becoming a new standard of care.

What's Included

TandemLung Components

Some user-supplied equipment is required. This mechanical circulatory support device is cleared by the FDA for temporary cardiopulmonary bypass up to 6 hours.

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How TandemLung Works

Rapid, Repeatable Priming with the Sterile Basin

TandemLung Cannulation Animation