Cardioplegia Cannulae, Antegrade Coronary Ostia Perfusion, Conical Tip, Stainless Steel Shaft, 1/4"" Tubing Connector, 9 Fr, P606-30

The Coronary perfusion cannulae are intended to individually cannulate the coronary ostia and to selectively deliver cardioplegic solution during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery for periods up to six hours. Depending on country registration, an optional phospholipid surface treatment may be available to help improve biocompatibility. Note on ordering: coated products have a “B” before their reference code. Please, contact your local sales representative
Order Code P606-30
Available Coated Depending on country registration
Cannulae Type Cardioplegia Cannulae
Connection Site 1/4"" tubing connector
No Latex yes
Max Flow Rate 0.6
No DOP yes
Patient Type Pediatric
Qty Per Box 10
Size 9 Fr
Tip Conical Tip
Tip Size 9 Fr

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