Our comprehensive suite of cardiopulmonary systems includes heart-lung machines, oxygenators, autotransfusion machines, cannulae and more.

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Perfusion System

Embark on the journey towards the #NewEraofPerfusion

Please Note: Essenz information available only in selected geographies. This product is not available for sale. It is currently in development and is intended to be approved by relevant authorities.
Essenz Perfusion System


XTRA is an intuitive Autotransfusion System (ATS) with extraordinary versatility and power. The ATS system allows clinicians and surgical teams to select the most appropriate intraoperative blood recovery protocol for a single patient (Standard, PFat and Optimized) with a convenient 1-Touch Mode for fully automated processing. 


Our cannulation solutions offer a broad range of design configurations to accommodate unique technique preferences and meet insertion and drainage needs. We have the access tools necessary to improve ease of use, maximize field of view and provide optimal blood flow to ensure proper care. Whether your cannulation needs are for pediatric patients or adults, we have you covered.

Data Management Systems

Innovative and intuitive perfusion data management systems designed to improve clinical efficiency and enable Goal-Directed Perfusion Therapy.

Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting

Our solutions are designed for greater convenience and flexibility, with improved safety features and benefits.

Heart-Lung Equipment

Intelligently designed with functionality and safety in mind, we offer the leading heart-lung machine and perfusion tools.


Our oxygenators aim to raise performance expectations and ease of use, while providing clinicians with effective options to improve outcomes in cardiopulmonary bypass.

Perfusion Tubing

As leaders in perfusion excellence, we offer high-quality PVC tubing with favorable safety features and improved hemocompatibility.