Essenz Patient Monitor

Essenz Patient Monitor
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Essenz Patient Monitor

Essenz™ Patient Monitor is an innovative monitoring system designed to improve clinical efficiency and quality of patient care throughout the cardiopulmonary procedure.

Built on LivaNova’s strong foundation in cardiopulmonary equipment and perfusion data management, the Essenz Patient Monitor will become an integral part of the Essenz™ Perfusion System , the next generation perfusion system currently under development.

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Essenz Patient Monitor

Ease of Use and Intuitive Interaction

Essenz PM Home Screen
  • The Patient Monitor consists of a 21.5” Perfusion System Monitor (Panel PC) that is a base for a modularly structured software program package, intended to be exclusively used with LivaNova heart-lung machines
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use high resolution graphical user interface (GUI) designed around the Perfusionist workflow for quick deployment and ease of use according to the feedback of more than 90 perfusionists worldwide
  • The Monitor’s retrospective tool allows the Perfusionist to view the parameter values at any point in the case, ideal for Perfusionist handovers and retrospective analysis

Facilitated Procedure Management

Essenz PM Screen
  • Essenz Patient Monitor features a centralized display that can be configured to show the patient parameters at all times during the case, enabling the implementation of tailored patient care strategies
  • The pre-op checklists can be completed in advance of a patient being received in the OR, with the HLM on standby so it then can be deployed quickly as needed
  • Time events and reminders are specifically designed to assist the Perfusionist in the case management according to OR clinical practice
  • The events bar allows quick entry of generic, drug, fluid and blood events during the case

Individualized Patient Care Strategies

Essenz PM GDP Screen
  • Intra-operative Quality Indicator (QI) Threshold and GDP modules support the clinicians, allowing them to individualize the patient management strategy during the case
  • QIs can be used by the clinicians to monitor patient parameter variation against thresholds

Integrated Solution Within the OR Environment

S5 NGPDM Device
  • Connectivity with Hospital to meet Cyber and Patient Data security requirements, allowing integration with OR External Devices & EMR Systems
  • Export parameter data via a .csv/json file for input into statistical tool packages

Compliance and Appropriate Care

Essenz QI Dashboard
  • LivaNova has been working with leading clinicians to use the latest research in the development of the Quality Indicators. The QI Dashboard supports the Perfusionist, allowing them to implement an individualized patient care strategy during the case.
  • The QI report can be distributed postoperatively to the clinical team to support local compliance and variation targets.

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Service and Support: Responsive and effective service and support optimize operational performance and improve patient outcomes, backed by a team of dedicated, local engineers and international service center support

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Safety Information

Summary of Safety & Performance Information for Essenz™ Patient Monitor

EU/US: The ESSENZ™ Patient Monitor Software is a modularly structured software program package that is exclusively used with LivaNova heart-lung machines. The system allows detailed recording of perfusion data during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures as well as the processing and evaluation of this data. The data may be recorded automatically or entered manually.

The LivaNova Perfusion System Monitor is a panel PC intended to be exclusively used with LivaNova heart lung machines as a base and user interface for the ESSENZ™ Patient Monitor Software.

There are no known contraindications for the ESSENZ™ Patient Monitor software or the LivaNova Perfusion System Monitor.

Medical intervention and therapeutic procedure must not be based solely on the perfusion records (reports). The device must be used in accordance with the instructions for use provided in the Instructions for Use. For a complete listing of warnings please refer to the Instructions for Use which accompany each product.

For a complete listing of precautions/cautions please refer to the Instructions for Use which accompany each product.

The devices should be used by qualified and skilled personnel, able to follow the indications and instructions for use contained in the information provided by the manufacturer. Please contact us through our website to receive instructions for use containing full prescribing information including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and risks.

The information contained in this summary represents partial excerpts taken from the product labeling. The information is not intended to serve as a substitute for a complete and through understanding of the device nor does this information represent full disclosure of all pertinent information concerning the use of this product.

Not approved in all geographies.  Consult your labeling.

Legal Manufacturer:
LivaNova Deutschland
Lindberghstrasse 25
D-80939 Munich, Germany

Distributed in the USA by:
LivaNova USA
14401 W 65th Way
Arvada, CO 80004

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