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Smart Technology. Customizable Therapy. Proven Results1.

SenTiva™ VNS Therapy device
SenTiva™ and Next-Generation Programming System

SenTiva™ and Next-Generation Programming System

SenTiva is an implantable and programmable pulse generator for treatment of refractory epilepsy. It provides responsive stimulation to rapid increases in heart rate that may be associated with seizures, allows day-night programming, scheduled programming and logging of low heart rate and prone position events.

New features for treatment customization and patient management

Wireless connectivity between programmer and wand

Intuitive workflow and programming interface

VNS Therapy™ works to control seizures in three ways

Normal Mode

Normal Mode

Helps to reduce seizures

Stimulation is delivered at regular intervals all day, every day, to help reduce seizures16

Responsive mode (Austostim)

AutoStim Mode

Responds to rapid increases in heart rate*

An extra dose of therapy is automatically delivered at the sign of a rapid increase in heart rate, which may be associated with seizures16

*Only available in Models 106 and 1000

Magnet Mode (On-Demand)

Magnet Mode

Delivers On-Demand Treatment

Stimulation is manually delivered by swiping the VNS Therapy™  magnet over the generator to help stop or shorten a seizure once it starts16

SenTiva™ detects and responds to rapid increases in heart rate that may be associated with a seizure

SenTiva™ with AutoStim detects and responds to rapid increases in heart rate, that may be associated with a seizure2

Over 60% of treated seizures ended during automatic stimulation

The closer the stimulation to seizure onset, the shorter the seizure duration3

Safely titrate patients automatically without office visits

Safely titrate multiple steps in one clinic visit2

Scheduled Programming

  • Optional feature allowing the healthcare provider to program a titration schedule in one clinic visit
  • Plan the exact timing of up to 7 increments of 0.125 mA or 7 increments of 0.25 mA
Customized control for when your patients need it

Customised control for when your patients need it2

Day/Night Programming

  • Two independent sets of parameters within a 24-hour period can be customised and delivered based on each patient’s needs
  • Parameters will alternate based on time of day
  • Select which parameters will change, what time the change will occur, and the duration of the change
Treating seizures just got easier with SenTiva

Intuitive Programming System

Guided Programming

  • Based on an approved protocol
  • Safe and easy pathway towards achieving targeted therapy levels through one-touch scheduled programming 

Wireless Connection

  • The wireless connection between the Programmer and Wand will operate up to 3 meters (approximately 10 feet) under most conditions
  • This allows for a more comfortable programming experience for the patient and clinician
Quickly visualize patient trends

Insightful Events and Trends

  • Recent office visits summary showing the stimulation distribution among modes
  • Magnet activation counts and timestamps
  • Inhibited stimulation timestamps
  • Daily and hourly histogram: Seizure detections, AutoStims, Magnet stimulations and Prone position or low heart rate detection

SenTiva™ Technical Sheet

VNS Therapy™ has proven safety and tolerability profile with side effects reducing over time

Safety Profile

VNS Therapy has no drug interactions and does not cause drug-related toxic central nervous system side effects.

Common side effects include hoarseness or change in voice tone, shortness of breath, sore throat, and coughing. Most side effects associated with VNS Therapy occur only during stimulation, tend to diminish over time, or are eliminated by adjusting parameter settings.

The most common side effect of the surgical procedure is infection. Children under 12 may have a greater risk of infection than those 12 years of age and older and may be more likely to experience lead damage due to higher activity levels and the potential to manipulate the lead.

For more safety information click here.

*Responsive VNS Therapy™ refers to VNS Therapy devices with AutoStim Mode enabled. Available in models 106 and 1000, 1000-D

Individual study example (N=28/46). Results may vary.

1. Elliott E.R. et al. Epilepsy & Behavior 2011; 20: 57–63. 2VNS Therapy System™ Epilepsy Physician’s Manual, January 2021, LivaNova, Houston, TX. 3. Data on file, LivaNova, Houston, TX. 4. Datta P, Galla KM , Sajja K, et al. Epilepsy Behav. 2020;111:107280.

This website is intended for healthcare professionals in Australia. VNS Therapy™ for drug-resistant epilepsy is not available in all regions - please refer to your country-specific labeling.