Advanced Circulatory Support, Extracorporeal Life Support , Bi-Flow ECMO, Femoral Cannula 19Fr, 303-019

BI-FLOW ECMO is the only bidirectional arterial cannula in the market designed to prevent leg ischemia in an easy, safe and reproducible way.

Bi-Flow ECMO obviates the need for separate downstream perfusion or other techniques to protect against lower limb ischemia

Bi-Flow ECMO is unique in the market . Its patented design incorporates a unique elbow and downstream perfusion channel.

Bi-Flow ECMO is PH.I.S.I.O. coated. The PH.I.S.I.O. coating improves blood compatibility of the device by reducing platelet adhesion to the coated surfaces and may provide beneficial effects against inflammation and oxidative stress to improve biocompatibility.

The unique fixation device is designed to ensure that Bi-Flow ECMO remains correctly positioned for the duration of the procedure.

BI-FLOW ECMO is validated up to 29 days.

Order Code 303-019
Available Coated yes
Cannulae Type Extracorporeal Life Support
Effective Length (cm) 26,7
No Latex yes
Max Flow Rate 6
Note Kit Includes: Bi-Flow ECMO 19 Fr, Dilators (12, 19 Fr), Needle 18 Ga, Scalpel, Syringe 5 ml, Guidewire (100 cm, 0.035”), Cannula Introducer, Suture ring, Fixation Device
Outer Diameter (mm) 6.33
Patient Type Advanced Circulatory Support
PVC yes
Qty Per Box 5
Size 19 Fr
Tip Size 19 Fr
Validation 29 days

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