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VNS TherapyTM Patient Ambassador Program

Help your patient connect with someone who already has VNS Therapy and can provide an emphathic, first-hand perspective.

The value of patient-patient discussions

Whilst patients receive a wealth of education and preparation from their clinical team, many patients find it beneficial to talk to someone who has been in a similar situation and speaking from a lived experience. 

We can help to connect your patient with one of our official VNS Therapy Patient Ambassadors to have an informal, one-to-one chat about their experience. By experiencing their own epilepsy journeys, this group of volunteers understand how it feels to be considering other options like VNS Therapy, after living with drug-resistant epilepsy and its challenges for many years. 

VNS Therapy Patient Ambassadors have been trained accordingly and do not provide any medical advice. 

They can speak to a patient or caregiver on a 1-to-1 basis, and some may be able to attend your upcoming VNS Therapy Patient Information Meetings. 

VNS Therapy™ Patient Ambassadors who are happy to speak to you about their experience and answer your questions.

VNS Therapy™ Patient Ambassadors



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Martina (Harry's Mum)

Watch Harry's story

Connect with an ambassador

Please complete this short form for a VNS TherapyTM Patient Ambassador to contact you about connecting with your patient or speaking at your VNS Therapy information meeting. Please note that individual experiences with VNS Therapy vary and whilst ambassadors can share their experience, they will not provide any medical advice. Patients are always referred to their epilepsy healthcare team about any decisions or questions related to their treatment plan.