Is VNS Therapy™ right for you?

If you’ve tried multiple medications yet continue to have seizures, it’s time to question your seizure treatment.

If you’ve tried multiple medications yet continue to have seizures, it’s time to question your seizure treatment.
Drug-Resistant Epilepsy - What to Expect

Drug-Resistant Epilepsy - What to Expect

35% of people with seizures have the type that are resistant to treatment with medication alone. Most people whose seizures continue after trying two appropriately prescribed medications, have very little chance of achieving seizure freedom with additional drugs.

The goals when treating drug-resistant epilepsy are to enhance quality of life by optimizing long-term seizure control, minimizing side effects, and decreasing seizure severity.

Could you benefit from VNS Therapy™?

VNS Therapy is an approved add-on treatment for reducing the frequency of focal seizures in patients age 4 and older whose seizures have continued even after two or more appropriate medications. Does this sound like you or your loved one?

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More Seizure-Free Moments

With technology that’s designed for people with drug-resistant epilepsy, VNS Therapy can help overcome the burdens of uncontrolled seizures. It can safely lead to fewer and shorter seizures, less severe seizures and improved recovery after seizures.

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VNS Therapy Safety Profile

The most common side effects of VNS Therapy include:

Shortness of breath
Sore throat

These side effects generally only occur during stimulation and usually decrease over time.

Infection is the most common side effect of the procedure.

You can find more safety information here.