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At LivaNova, we’re focused on the areas where we can make the biggest impact and are a recognized leader: cardiovascular and neuromodulation solutions. Through advanced technologies and breakthrough treatments, we’re improving the standard of care for patients while supporting the healthcare professionals dedicated to their needs.


When cardiopulmonary support or cardiac surgery are necessary, our advanced cardiovascular technologies can significantly improve patient outcomes. Our devices and systems are used in more than half of all open-heart surgeries worldwide. Our heart-lung machines have led the market for 40+ years, and we’re recognized as the number one cardiopulmonary bypass company worldwide. LivaNova is committed to continuous innovation with global R&D centers developing better treatments for heart conditions.

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LivaNova is improving patient outcomes and quality of life through innovative neuromodulation technologies. We pioneered the revolutionary VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulation) Therapy® System – the #1 implantable device for drug-resistant epilepsy. Our VNS Therapy System also helps those with difficult-to-treat depression and is being studied to validate delivery of Autonomic Regulation Therapy for heart failure. Additionally, we utilize hypoglossal nerve stimulation to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

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