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Donations and Grants

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At LivaNova we unite to provide hope for patients and their families through innovative medical technologies, delivering life-changing improvements for both the head and the heart.

As part of our mission, we support educational, charitable and medical-scientific advancement endeavors that serve a genuine educational or public health function, benefit society or that demonstrate good corporate citizenship. These can take the form of monetary or in-kind educational grants, research grants, charitable and indigent care donations. Please see the paragraphs below for further details on each category.

Scope of the Program
- Charitable Donations to registered Charities and Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGO”) – or, in specific instances, to patients - for indigent care and, occasionally, emergency relief under LivaNova’s Corporate Social Responsibility program “LIFE”;
- Educational Grants to Healthcare Organizations, Patient Organizations, Professional Conference Organizers, schools or other educational centers for (a) medical education or training initiatives for healthcare staff, e.g. training courses, fellowships, scholarships, Third Party Organized Educational Events (“TPOEE”) such as medical congresses or conferences organized by national, regional, or specialty medical associations/societies, hospitals, Professional Conference Organizers, Patient Organizations or accredited Continuing Medical Education (“CME”) providers, or (b) general education / awareness initiatives for patients, care-givers, students, communities and the general public, e.g. public awareness campaigns;
- Research Grants to Healthcare Organizations for independent research projects that serve a genuine medical-scientific purpose in the Neuromodulation or Cardiopulmonary field and that do not involve any LivaNova product, brand or influence. A Research Grant is made for the sole, restrictive purpose of supporting the development or furtherance of Bona Fide, scientifically valid and legitimate research by the Requesting Party, the aim of which is to advance medical, scientific and Healthcare knowledge, medical technologies and/or clinical techniques designed to improve patient outcomes.
PLEASE NOTE: Requests that relate to Investigator Initiated Research or "IIRs" (i.e. research that involves LivaNova devices) or Commercial Sponsorship (i.e. quid-pro-quo arrangements that are commercial in nature, e.g. the purchase of a booth, industry-sponsored promotional sessions, exhibitor space, etc.) are NOT within the scope of LivaNova's Donations and Grants Program. For these requests, please visit our dedicated IIR page and our dedicated Commercial Sponsorship page.
Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible and able to apply for a LivaNova donation or grant, all of the following conditions must be met. LivaNova reserves the right to discard any applications that do not meet these Eligibility Requirements.

1) The program, project or event for which support is being sought, must be relevant to the Cardiopulmunary, Neuromodulation or Advanced Circulatory Support domains and must have a genuine educational, charitable/philantropic or scientific advancement purposes.

2) Applications must be submitted electronically using LivaNova’s online donations and grants application system (see below) at least 8-10 weeks prior to the date the funds or products are needed, in order to allow appropriate time for the review and processing of the request.

3) Applications must be submitted by or on behalf of an acceptable Requesting Party, i.e. Healthcare Organizations, Patient Organizations, Professional Conference Organizers, schools or other educational centers, registered Charities or NGOs. Funds/products will only be provided to organizations, and never to individuals acting on their own (exception made for VTAP applicants).

4) All required information and applicable supporting documentation must be provided in a timely, accurate and complete fashion. LivaNova may reach out to the Requesting Party with follow up questions in relation to the provided information or material. Incomplete applications may be delayed or rejected. 

5) In order to submit an application, Requesting Parties must agree to the Terms and Conditions (FYI following the review of the application and where deemed necessary by the LivaNova Donations & Grants Committee who will assess the request, the execution of an ad-hoc written agreement may be required prior to the payment or shipping of an approved donation/grant).


For technical issues with your application or questions, please email
- for Educational Grants and Research Grants, or
- for Charitable / Indigent Care Donations (US VTAP applicants: please email