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Collaborative Culture

Views on our values

Fundamental for trust and success

Ravi Hariharan

Ravi Hariharan has many responsibilities in his IT role at LivaNova, including managing SAP commercial for the Americas, managing global Master data , serving as a business partner for the Neuromodulation Business Unit, and overseeing clinical, quality and regulatory applications.

As a representative of our five LivaNova Values, he embodies the value Collaborative Culture, in which we value diversity of thought and our collective strength as a team.


Q: Why is Collaborative Culture important to you and your work?

A: Collaborative culture is fundamental for creating the environment of trust and belief within a team that is working toward a goal. Without trust and collaboration, we would not be successful. So hence, collaborative culture is fundamental and foundational for any undertaking we embark on.

Portrait of Ravi Hariharan

Q: Who has influenced or inspired you the most during your career?

A: I’ve had multiple mentors during my career who have been gracious enough to guide me in my professional and personal journey . But if I had to name one person, it would be my dad, who has been an inspiring character in reinforcing the values of hard work, dedication, execution and integrity in pursuing my interests as well as the goals I set to achieve.

Q: What are you most proud of when it comes to your and your team’s work at LivaNova?

A: We have done multiple successful projects that have transformed not just LivaNova’s application and business system landscape but have directly impacted lives of patients, which is key to the mission of LivaNova. Our team has also built relationships with business partners, which has been key to our success. That relationship-building goes back to my point about collaboration being foundational to everything.

Q: How do you feel a sense of belonging at LivaNova?

A: This is kind of personal to me because I have had many different instances where the teams who I have worked with have not just been professional but sometimes — often times — been caring enough to ensure that you’re doing fine, setting priorities, being patient and checking in on me. Also, the sense of gratitude is cultivated when you work with teams within LivaNova. So that really helps in making sure that you belong to the family of LivaNova.

Ravi Hariharan in ski gear

Q: What is something people may not know about you?

A:  I enjoy skiing, and I hope to take some time at the end of this year to get back to hitting the slopes. Utah happens to be my favorite place to ski because of the powder snow there. Brighton is one of my favorite ski spots.

Views on Our Values

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