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Our Values

Views on our values

Collage of five LivaNova employees
Patients First: Our shared purpose is to improve the lives of patients.
Meaningful Innovation: We develop novel products and therapies to address multiple disease states.
Act with Agility: We challenge ourselves to continuously improve and act nimbly.
Commitment to Quality and Integrity: We dedicate ourselves to high quality and integrity in everything we do.
Collaborative Culture: We value diversity of thought and our collective strength as a team.


Portrait of employee Jethro Cabanayan

Patients First

“Patients first is being able to put ourselves into our patients’ shoes and seeing everything from their perspective, to produce to the best of our abilities.”

- Jethro Cabanayan, Kitting Material Handler, Operations

Portrait of employee Maxine Dibué

Meaningful Innovation

“New technology only becomes innovative if it’s rooted in empathy and insight into how diseases affect patients’ lives.”

- Maxine Dibué, Director, Medical Affairs, International, Neuromodulation

Portrait of employee Alessia Vinerba

Act with Agility

“Acting with agility means embracing change positively and finding solutions that still get the results you wanted.”

- Alessia Vinerba, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, GSM, CP

Portrait of employee Irene Marchi

Commitment to Quality and Integrity

“Committing to quality and integrity goes beyond simply what we do -- it is how we do it. It’s about doing the right thing and not cutting corners when no one is watching. It’s about being accountable for our own decisions. This creates a reputation of professional and ethical strength, and reinforces trust.”

- Irene Marchi, Ethics and Integrity, Global

Portrait of employee Ravi Hariharan

Collaborative Culture

“Creating an environment of collaboration and trust is key to achieving LivaNova’s goals that ultimately serve patients’ unmet needs and improve their quality of life.”

- Ravi Hariharan, Director, IT Business Partner