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Patients First

Views on our values

Seeing from their perspective 

Jethro Cabanayan

Jethro Cabanayan is a kitting material handler, safely and efficiently moving materials in our Cardiopulmonary warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.

As a representative of our five LivaNova Values, he embodies the value Patients First, which captures our shared purpose to improve the lives of patients.


Q: Why is Patients First important to you and your work?

A: Patients First is important because it allows us to manufacture goods that are best suited for our patients. It allows us to step into their place and see things from their perspective. By this, we are able to produce to the best of our abilities.

Portrait of Jethro Cabanayan

Q: Who has influenced or inspired you the most during your career?

A: That would probably be my late grandpa, who was a doctor back home in the Philippines. He was a very intelligent man and very hardworking. In a way, he's an inspiration to me and I’d like to follow his footsteps and be just like him.

Q: What are you most proud of when it comes to your and your team’s work at LivaNova?

A: I’m most proud when we know that we’ve met our customer’s satisfaction and have delivered to the best of our ability for our patients.

Q: How do you feel a sense of belonging at LivaNova?

A: I feel like everyone is very supportive at LivaNova in what we do. They’ll lend a helping hand, and I always feel welcomed.

Jethro Cabanayan working at LivaNova

Q: What is something people may not know about you?

A: We own two dachshunds named Shelby and Jazzy. Shelby, who is a puppy, is very playful. Jazzy, who is a grown dog, doesn’t always like that playful attention.

Views on Our Values

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