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Act With Agility

Views on our values

Embracing change and finding solutions

Alessia Vinerba

Alessia Vinerba oversees global marketing communications for our Cardiopulmonary Business Unit and spearheads campaign development for the Essenz Perfusion System.

As a representative of our five LivaNova Values, she embodies the value Act with Agility, in which we challenge ourselves to continuously improve and act nimbly.


Q: Why is Acting with Agility important to you and your work?

A: Acting with agility means embracing change positively and finding solutions that still get the results you wanted. In marketing communications, embracing change is a big part of the job — as is making sure changes are communicated, understood and adopted by people internally and externally. We also need to jump on opportunities and even be able to anticipate what is coming next in order to plan and communicate appropriately.

Portrait of Alessia Vinerba

Q: Who has influenced or inspired you the most during your career?

A: I’ve been extremely lucky to have had several bosses along the way who mentored me and helped me take the next step in my career. But another person who really influenced me is a teacher I had in intermediate school, who gave me some great advice that I still use today and gave me the confidence to pursue a career in writing.

My teacher impressed upon me that writing doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect even though we all obsess over it. What’s really important is making sure that people understand what you’re trying to do, and for this, structure and process are critical.

Even now that my role is larger than writing, I apply this idea to everything I do. I think about my communications and work in logical terms, figuring out the structure and the process and then putting my own touch on it.

Q: What are you most proud of when it comes to your and your team’s work at LivaNova?

A: I’m really proud of the journey the team and I have been on to bring to life the New Era of Perfusion. It isn’t often in your career that you get to be part of such an exciting and defining project that serves a life-saving field such as perfusion. I love finding ways to convey the value of our brand as well as the emotion of what our system means to us and our customers. I’m proud of how far we’ve come, and I’m excited about the work still ahead of us.

Q: How do you feel a sense of belonging at LivaNova?

A: At LivaNova, I feel like I am really heard. I can come into a meeting with people who are more senior than me or have been in the company longer or are more technically savvy and feel like people trust me. They’ll listen to what I have to say. They might not always agree, they might sometimes take different directions, but at the same time I do feel like I’m on a level playing field wherever I find myself having to express my opinion or give my professional point of view.

Portrait of Alessia Vinerba

Q: What is something people may not know about you?

A: I am really interested in people and curious about their lives. That’s probably why I am so enthralled by docu-realities and reality shows. It might not be the best use of my time, but being a new mom, I zone out in front of these shows and look at them with immense attention, trying to imagine what life would be like for the people in it. I just get so into it, and I love it because of my natural tendency for curiosity.

Views on Our Values

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