Speak up!

At LivaNova, we believe it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure we remain reputable leaders in compliance and business ethics. 

We encourage a safe environment for all individuals to speak up and raise any concerns they may have as it relates to the LivaNova Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, a related policy or any integrity issue.

LivaNova does not tolerate any form of retaliation against an individual arising from a good-faith report of a potential violation of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, a related policy, any integrity concern or against anyone who participates in an investigation resulting from a report.

You have several options on how to Speak Up:  


+1 888 259 8571 The LivaNova Ethics Line is a toll-free telephone line managed by a third-party service provider to ensure anonymity (if requested and allowable by local law). It is available in multiple languages, and anyone may leave a voicemail message for the Chief Compliance Officer.


http://www.livanova.ethicspoint.com The LivaNova Ethics Line Online is a third-party managed, confidential and anonymous online reporting tool.


Ethics@LivaNova.com The LivaNova Ethics Inbox is managed by Corporate Compliance and any concerns received will remain confidential.


Contact the LivaNova Compliance Team

Nilay Akgerman
Compliance Director, International
Email: Nilay.Akgerman@LivaNova.com

Germaine Huka
Compliance Manager, Europe
Office: +44 (0)20 3325 0684 / Mobile: +44 (0) 7717 857 401
Email: Germaine.Huka@LivaNova.com 

Mark Beyer
Compliance Manager, North America
Office: +1 281 727 2652/ Mobile: +1 823 472 4277
Email: Mark.Beyer@LivaNova.com 

Irene Marchi
Global Compliance Program and Data Analytics Manager
Office: +44 (0)20 3325 0683
Email: Irene.Marchi@LivaNova.com     

Melanie Cuvillier
Health Care Transparency Specialist
Office: +33 (0)1 4601 3050
Email: Melanie.Cuvillier@LivaNova.com

Priya Thomas
Health Care Transparency Specialist
Office: +1 281 228 7225
Email: Priya.Thomas@LivaNova.com

Lisa Fulcher
Compliance Specialist, North America
Office: +1 281 727 2666
Email: Lisa.Fulcher@LivaNova.com