Views on our Values

Our Values

Patients First: Our shared purpose is to improve the lives of patients.
Meaningful Innovation: We develop novel products and therapies to address multiple disease states.
Act with Agility: We challenge ourselves to continuously improve and act nimbly.
Commitment to Quality and Integrity: We dedicate ourselves to high quality and integrity in everything we do.
Collaborative Culture: We value diversity of thought and our collective strength as a team.

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Patients First

“Patients first is being able to put ourselves into our patients’ shoes and seeing everything from their perspective, to produce to the best of our abilities.”

- Jethro Cabanayan, Kitting Material Handler, Operations

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Meaningful Innovation

“New technology only becomes innovative if it’s rooted in empathy and insight into how diseases affect patients’ lives.”

- Maxine Dibué, Director, Medical Affairs, International, Neuromodulation

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Act with Agility

“Acting with agility means embracing change positively and finding solutions that still get the results you wanted.”

- Alessia Vinerba, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, GSM, CP

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Commitment to Quality and Integrity

“Committing to quality and integrity goes beyond simply what we do -- it is how we do it. It’s about doing the right thing and not cutting corners when no one is watching. It’s about being accountable for our own decisions. This creates a reputation of professional and ethical strength, and reinforces trust.”

- Irene Marchi, Ethics and Integrity, Global

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Collaborative Culture

“Creating an environment of collaboration and trust is key to achieving LivaNova’s goals that ultimately serve patients’ unmet needs and improve their quality of life.”

- Ravi Hariharan, Director, IT Business Partner

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