Ethics and Integrity

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LivaNova is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. We are guided by our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (also referred to as “Code of Conduct”) that applies to all directors, officers, employees and contingent workers of LivaNova and its subsidiaries, and sets the tone for our global ethics and compliance program.

Our Code of Conduct is also the starting point for understanding and working with LivaNova’s policies and procedures. Amongst these, our Business Integrity Policy is at the foundation of our behavioral standards and stance against bribery and corruption. In line with our Code of Conduct, this policy highlights the importance of trust as a key pillar of our work-related interactions with others (including, but not limited to, healthcare professionals, patients, customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.), emphasizing in particular the Company’s stance against misconduct in the areas of corruption, bribery and fraud, to cite a few. At LivaNova, we value integrity, honesty and transparency – all of which we consider to be the foundation upon which trust is based.

At LivaNova, our priority is to improve our patients’ lives with our products and therapies. Without the help of our valued partners in the healthcare field (Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations), we would not be able to achieve this goal. To build and maintain trust between the medical device industry, the healthcare players, and the patients, we strive to continuously operate with Quality and Integrity in everything we do. This includes also complying with laws and rules regulating our interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations. In this regard, LivaNova follows all applicable Transparency Requirements within the jurisdictions we operate.

We believe that our business can only succeed where the rights of workers involved in the value chain of our business are protected and respected, and we aim to conduct business with third parties who share our commitment to operating in a responsible and ethical manner. Accordingly, our Third Party Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Third Party Code of Conduct) outlines the minimum standards in a variety of areas, including the areas of human rights and labor conditions, the environment, trade compliance and confidentiality and data privacy, in which we require third parties to comply when doing business with us, in addition to all applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.

The LivaNova Code of Conduct, Business Integrity Policy, Third Party Code of Conduct and various other company policies and procedures are made available in multiple languages to internal users and, where applicable, to external ones. To ensure awareness and understanding of the Company’s ethical standards and expectations, corporate employees are introduced to our Ethics & Integrity (E&I) program upon onboarding and provided training throughout their employment on an ad-hoc basis on selected policies and procedures, if and as applicable. Every year, employees certify their acknowledgement and commitment to our Code of Conduct.

LivaNova conducts awareness and communication activities to ensure employees know that they can, and are, invited to speak up (and how to do it) whenever they have concerns about unethical behavior. Our Speak Up and Non-Retaliation Policy provides details about LivaNova’s whistleblowing channels underlining the company’s commitment to psychological safety and to a culture of openness, transparency and continuous improvement. As part of our Speak Up Program, LivaNova maintains a 24/7 Ethics Line - available to employees as well as third parties - for reporting concerns via web, email or phone, in multiple languages.

At LivaNova, we are committed to maintaining an effective and comprehensive ethics and compliance program. As a manufacturer of medical devices, LivaNova has designed a Global Ethics & Integrity Program to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and industry codes related to the ethical and compliant promotion and sales of our products in the countries where we operate.

To help navigate the complex compliance environment in which we operate, LivaNova has adopted the AdvaMed Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care Professionals, the APACmed Code of Ethical Conduct, the Mecomed Code of Ethical Business Practice and the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.