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Women in Medtech

Meet women who are changing lives at LivaNova

LivaNova is a place where women in medtech are passionately focused on meaningful innovation in the medtech industry and intent on continuous personal growth. We are proud to celebrate these dynamic female professionals, their diverse backgrounds and their expertise in the fields of science, technology and engineering.
Every day, women make contributions that fulfill LivaNova’s mission to bring hope to patients and deliver life-changing improvements for the Head and Heart. Women in medtech put their purpose to work and make a difference at LivaNova and to so many people around the world. Explore their stories and learn about their career journey, what drew them to the world of medical devices and why their work matters at LivaNova.
Working at LivaNova means accepting a powerful commitment to improve the quality of patients’ lives. Here, we develop innovative medical technologies for the Head and Heart. This work is meaningful and rewarding, and our people are proudly united by the Company’s mission. LivaNova’s culture celebrates diversity, in all its forms, allowing each employee to authentically contribute and build a stronger community at work. We are enriched by diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds, and we know these factors fuel our success as a company. Our workforce is more than 50% women – that’s more than 1,500 women in total – and 30% of our leadership positions are filled by women.

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Ashwini Reddy - Discover More

Ashwini Reddy

“LivaNova is an amazing company with a great support system. People value your opinion and what matters to you. It’s a place where you can aim big and achieve what you want.” 

- Quality Engineer III

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Lisa Sampson - Discover More

Lisa Sampson

“I work with brilliant people dedicated to helping our patients' quality of life. Anybody interested in helping patients and collaborating with a great group of people should apply.”

- Manager, Quality Engineering - New Product Development

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Nicole Hughes - Discover More

Nicole Hughes

“Don't be intimidated by this career choice (engineering). It can be daunting as a typically male-dominated field, but we're changing that. Be part of the change.”

- Principal Software Engineer

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Sara Dubuque - Discover More

Sara Dubuque

“There's so much opportunity at LivaNova to grow within your career and to work on products that will change the world.”

- Senior Manager, Operations OSA

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Swetha Chinnayelka  - Discover More

Swetha Chinnayelka

“Whether you take on a role or want to do something else, there are pathways within the organization (LivaNova) for you to explore to get there. To me, that’s big.”

- Senior Program Manager

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Annie Rickman - Discover More

Annie Rickman

“Learn as many technical skills as possible and advocate for yourself. Don’t be afraid to speak up when there’s a project you want to join or a skill you want to learn. One of the best ways to further your career is to take on new projects and tasks.” 

- Manufacturing Engineer II

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Beth Vonasek  - Discover More

Beth Vonasek

“LivaNova is diverse. There are a lot of great people and opportunities for women to grow and succeed. It’s a great place to work and our unique therapy products make a difference in people’s lives.”

- Manufacturing Engineer II

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Catherine Castagna - Discover More

Catherine Castagna

“LivaNova was my first experience in the corporate world, and I don’t want to leave. It’s a place where I want to grow, expand my knowledge and work with the team.”

- Software Engineer III

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Jill DeVries  - Discover More

Jill DeVries

“LivaNova is a fun place to work, and I love what we do. We produce some incredibly unique products, many of which are not the ones people typically call to mind when thinking about medical devices, such as our neuromodulation products.”

- Product Development Engineer I

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Inge Van Vlasselaer - Discover More

Inge Van Vlasselaer

“I enjoy working in medtech because it touches patients, peers, co-workers, customers and clinicians. We encounter a lot of people, which keeps you grounded.”

- Senior Events and Communications Manager

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Chiara Orsini  - Discover More

Chiara Orsini

“My aunt and my grandmother underwent cardiopulmonary bypass procedures a few years ago and were managed with the LivaNova Perfusion System. This reinforced the strong commitment I live every day here: to do my best to contribute to delivering innovations that will be beneficial for patients around the world.”

- Director of the Essenz™ Global Launch

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Somreeta Roy  - Discover More

Somreeta Roy

“I enjoy the culture at LivaNova. The team is helpful, collaborative and approachable. I am never hesitant to reach out and learn something new.”

- Senior Electrical and Software Engineer

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